Awakening to Health with Integrative Medical Clinic

Awakening To HealthWhat is Awakening to Health?

Awakening to Health (A2H) is a 1 year membership program based on the Balance of Health model to help you achieve your health care goals.

The Balance of Health model is:
Eating & Food, Movement & Exercise, and Stress Management & Community Support.

What You Get from the Membership Program

  • A series of 12-week interconnected and interactive meetings presented 3 times a year. Each 12-week series stands alone, so you can join at the beginning of any series. Each week a team of practitioners presents research, information, ideas, support, and hands-on experiences as tools to help you on your path. Members contribute questions and ideas, share suggestions and offer peer support. Currently meetings are live at IMC only, but soon you will have the option to participate via live webinars.
  • Patient Navigation support is a powerful, new role to help you make and take the small steps that lead you to successful healthy habits.
  • A Members-Only website that contains a catalog of webinars and hand-outs for you to access at your convenience.
  • A Members-Only Forum to ask questions, give suggestions, and chat with other members.
  • A weekly Members-Only email following each weekly meeting, plus periodic texts and web posts with news, healthy and delicious recipes, reminders, and support. Choices for you!


How it Works?

Navigator1. Start with Navigation

Start with Navigation - setting manageable goals. Additional Navigational support is available as you go.

To schedule an appointment with a Navigator, click here.

Navigator2. Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive review of health and medical information from conventional and alternative modalities presented to YOU in a practical and useful way.

Bob Dozor, MD, Co-Founder and owner of IMC, Family Practice Doctor

Navigator3. Building Habits

Building habits that last with the STAR Method.

Ellen Barnett, MD, PhD, Medical Director of IMC, Family Practice Doctor, Instructor & Site Placement Coordinator of Patient Navigation Certificate Program at SSU

Navigator4. Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice – fitting Stress Management Method into the Balance of Health Model through a variety of techniques.


Navigator5. Healthy Movement & Exercise

Healthy Movement & Exercise using our methods including Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Integrative Medical Feldenkrais® to safely build stamina and strength.

Cynthia Calmenson, Integrative Medical Feldenkrais® Practitioner & Instructor

Navigator6. Mindful Eating & Food

Mindful Eating & Food – eating to live, not die-ting for life. Both what you eat and how you eat affect your health.

Peggy Kincaid, MFT
Kay Gretchen, Vegetarian Chef

Navigator7. Practitioner Presenters

Each series also includes guest practitioner presenters.